Dynamic cables

Forming the Link to the Offshore Industry

Dynamic cable being installed offshore on wave energy converters

Collaborative effort

Through the project NKT Dyncables, NKT and the state-owned Swedish research institute RISE have developed reliable dynamic 1 kV cables optimised for WEC (Wave Energy Converters) and TEC (Tidal Energy Converters). The cables' specifications were set up by several companies that develop wave and tidal power. NKT has since designed, optimised and produced cables that will meet these requirements in a cost-effective manner.

For challenging marine environment

NKT manufactures dynamic cables that meet the requirements for many types of offshore industry. They are, for example, developed to withstand the continuous movements of waves. The dynamic cable range from NKT consists of an extremely dynamic 1 kV cable, intended to be used in sea-based installations, as well as a semi-dynamic 24 kV export cable that connects the installation to land. This range is ideal for wave power plants, but also for other offshore industries in need of a reliable transmission link.

Innovative, hard-tested technology

The dynamic cables from NKT are based on our long experience of designing durable universal cables. The development has also required extensive lab and field tests in collaboration with RISE and Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. The core of the cable has three copper conductors and very low mechanical friction. Unlike a regular offshore cable, it does not have armoured sleeves but is reinforced with aramid yarn, making it very tough and flexible.

A lot of medium voltage cable drums

Cables and utilities solutions

Innovative solutions for your projects

Universal Cables

The NKT Universal Cable System gives you unlimited possibilities to build stable networks in complicated terrain conditions. Insulated cables to be used as overhead lines, in land or in water.

Utilities Solutions

NKT - providing functional, environmentally adapted, reliable and economically advantageous systems for operators in generation, transmission, installation and distribution of electric power.

Loading of the high voltage AC submarine cable for Rentel offshore windfarm


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