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Dynamic cables

Forming the Link to the Offshore Industry

Dynamic Cable
The ocean environment is harsh and extensive movements in both vertical and horizontal directions put a very high demand on a cable.
NKT has developed a solution with a highly flexible yet extremely strong cable that can move with a buoy or a fish farm and withstand the many wave cycles. All connections are located above sea surface which gives you the best possible security and ease of use. This is key to be able to harness the power from waves or secure power supply from shore. 
The development has been proven by extensive lab and field tests in collaboration with RISE and Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg.
The development is ongoing and the latest version of the dynamic cable is with integrated fiber optics.

What makes NKT Dyncable, the best dynamic cable in the world?

Image of dynamic cable water
  • Flexibility, durability and reliability
  • Proven in environmental action
  • Tested by independent laboratories
The dynamic cable range from NKT consists of an extremely dynamic 1 kV cable, intended to be used in sea-based installations, as well as a semi-dynamic 24 kV export cable that connects the installation to land.

Use the power from waves or land with proven technology

Our three solutions

Dynamic Cables
Using any of the three solutions provides a sustainable power supply with minimal impact on the environment. NKT makes this possible with a unique and patented cable construction and with partners who supply the whole system.

Rely on our experience

  • Full system provider
  • NKT – a leading cable developer
  • NKT experienced offshore power system supplier
  • Unique cable construction based on well known technology
  • Proven performance
Do you have tecnical questions for e.g. your fish farm project you are welcome to contact our developers and technical experts.

Your contacts for medium voltage dynamic cables:

Ingvar Hagman
Head of MV Design
Peter Marcusson
Head of Renewables Northern Europe
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Cables and utilities solutions

Innovative solutions for your projects

Universal Cables

The NKT Universal Cable System gives you unlimited possibilities to build stable networks in complicated terrain conditions. Insulated cables to be used as overhead lines, in land or in water.

Utilities Solutions

NKT - providing functional, environmentally adapted, reliable and economically advantageous systems for operators in generation, transmission, installation and distribution of electric power.