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Cable worker laying Axal-TT medium voltage cable in the ground

AXAL-TT Endurance 3.0

One of the world's best and toughest medium voltage aluminium cables

Built for Tough Conditions

AXAL-TT Endurance 3.0 is the latest version of our popular AXAL-TT, a cable we have refined for many years to reach the top level. It has been developed and tested to withstand extreme temperature differences, snow, ice, water and harsh ground conditions.

A unique solution

Axal-TT Endurance 3.0 has a unique solution where the aluminium screen wires are wrapped in electrically conductive polymer. It provides double protection against screen corrosion. With an intact screen, you get a long-term safe function and easy troubleshooting. This makes Axal-TT Endurance 3.0 a reliable cable that will deliver value to you and your customers for many years.
Cable worker removing sheath from medium voltage cable

Easy to Prepare for Accessories

AXAL-TT Endurance 3.0 is applicable for fixed installation in soil, water and piping and can be used for voltage levels from 12 kV to 36 kV. The cable can easily be prepared for joining or terminating of accessories. NKT offers a wide range of well proven cable accessories, making the cable easy to terminate, joint and integrate with single-core cables.
Cable workers installing Axal-TT medium voltage cable in rough terrain

Sturdy – Yet Easy to Handle

AXAL-TT Endurance 3.0 has an extremely durable sheath and can be directly buried into existing material and by the use of large construction machinery. Despite its toughness, AXAL-TT Endurance 3.0 is still easy to bend in the cold and to strip with help from the clearly marked rip cord.
Tractor with cable drum ploughing in medium voltage cable

For a Good Working Day

AXAL-TT Endurance 3.0 is designed to provide the best possible working environment, easy troubleshooting and personal safety. It is a well thought out and easily installed cable. Designed to give you a really good day at work.
AXAL TT Endurance

A High-End Cable with Multiple Features

When you choose to install the AXAL-TT Endurance 3.0 from NKT, you have chosen a reliable “partner”. The AXAL-TT Endurance 3.0 is a safe investment in your future grid and provides a long-term, durable and innovative solution with best-in-class corrosion protection of the screen.

Facts about AXAL-TT Endurance 3.0

  • Has a mechanically strong, shock-absorbing multilayer sheath for installation in existing soil
  • Has screen wires embedded in conductive polymer material, resulting in a double protection against screen corrosion to insure 100% screen function throughout the lifetime of the cable
  • Is easy to handle for fast and straightforward installation
  • Is a genuine safe cable with 100% metal covering under sheath – touch-safe solution
  • Consists of only one metal (Al) and one polymer (Polyolefin) – The best choice for the environment
  • Is available in 12 kV, 24 kV and 36 kV, either standard length or tailored to your needs