Halogen free wiring cable with solid sectorshaped aluminium conductor.

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1-​core PEX-​M-​AL 17,5 kV, 1-​core PEX-​M-​AL 24 kV, 1-​core PEX-​M-​AL 36 kV, 1-​core PEX-​M-​AL-​LRT 72 kV, 1-​core PEX-​M-​AL-​LT 12 kV, 1-​core PEX-​M-​AL-​LT 72 kV, 3-​core PEX-​M-​AL 12 kV, PEX-​M-​AL, PEX-​M-​AL 1 kV

DOC1111199 Rev. 02

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