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Utilities Solutions

Experts in community building

As a supplier of cables to electricity grids in many countries, NKT has an important role in building our common community. It is a task that we take very seriously. Specifically, we do this by providing functional, environmentally adapted, reliable and economically advantageous systems for operators and customers in generation, transmission, installation and distribution of electric power.
Medium voltage installation project

Total supplier for the distribution market

NKT is a partner that delivers total solutions for the entire distribution market, from production to consumption. This diversity makes us experts in all kinds of physically connected electrical facilities. For you as a customer, it is reassuring to know that we can handle the entire electricity grid, from power plants to power outlets. If you ask NKT, we have the products for the smallest job through to the biggest.

We will help you throughout the customer journey

For NKT it is not enough to just manufacture and supply high-end cables. We also provide the best support to helping our customers throughout the installation. Our service programme is well developed and aims to optimise the use of our products. By being out on site with our customers and assisting during complicated installations, we can also guarantee the performance and function of our products, as well as instructing the customer on how the products work when integrated as a system.

Lean customer service

The customer has the leading role at NKT - that’s our 'default setting'. Therefore, we are constantly working on developing our delivery, regardless of whether it's a cable or a quotation. Every customer should feel completely satisfied with our response. At the NKT customer service centre, we employ lean methodology where different work teams have clear, delineated tasks. This is radically speeding up the handling of customer issues. In order for the customer to quickly receive an offer, for example, the customer service centre collaborates with NKT on a global basis, flowing throughout the organisation.

NKT - successful for a reason

NKT receives more and more prestigious assignments all over the world, because we know cables, but also because we take the time to get to know our customers and the environment in which they are active. Acquiring an overview of the whole installation is part of our job. We are asked to deliver, because we always deliver!
Happy cable workers ploughing cable

Some of our strongest concerns are not even cables

It's no surprise that we are passionate about cables. But we are also deeply involved in issues that lie in the borderland between NKT and society. Here are some:

Close-up of Axal TT 3.0 medium voltage cable

Our medium voltage products

Learn more about our versatile range

Medium Voltage Cables

Our range of medium voltage cables is definitely among the best in the industry. At NKT we develop cables for harsh terrain and tough climate conditions. Cables that will deliver value for many years.

Universal Cables

The NKT Universal Cable System gives you unlimited possibilities to build stable networks in complicated terrain conditions. Insulated cables to be used as overhead lines, in land or in water.