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HV Onshore Al Hadeed project

Al Hadeed, Bahrain

220/33 kV substation for steel plant - 40.5 km total length

Key Facts


SULB, United Steel Company

Total cable route length

42 km

Location of the project

Hidd Industrial Area, Bahrain


2011 – 2012

Quantity of order

A turnkey 220 kV high voltage cable system


  • Design and engineering of a turnkey cable system.
  • Project planning.
  • Manufacturing of high voltage cables including fibre optics.
  • Supply of accessories and system for temperature monitoring.
  • Installation, testing and commissioning.

The project

The development of the steelworks in Bahrain required an upgrade of the energy supply.

The construction of the highly efficient steel complex with one of the largest steel mills in the world included the new construction of the Al Hadeed 220 kV/33 kV (kilovolt) substation in the Hidd Industrial Area.
The energy supply of the steelworks has a power requirement of 300 MVA (megavolt-ampere). It had to be incorporated in the existing electricity grid through three new high voltage cable systems, so grid operator EWA, Electricity and Water Authority, needed to perform extension work.
Among the special challenges of the project were extremely narrow timeframes for design, engineering, manufacturing and delivery of all components of the cable system as well as specific institutional, organizational and intercultural collaboration and communication.
The turnkey cable system project was assigned to NKT. We were proud to be selected as provider and knew we had an organization enabling us to comply with all requirements.
Reference Map Al Hadeed

The solution

We provided an excellent tailormade high voltage cable system for immediate use.

NKT developed and produced a special 220 kV high voltage cable system with a combined shield of copper wire and lead sheath. We also truly demonstrated our skills and competencies when it comes to intercultural cooperation.
Our site manager from Denmark, our sales and technical service people from Dubai and our project manager, sales specialists, engineers and installation teams from Germany worked closely together throughout the entire project. Together, they managed a contract portfolio covering the planning, civil engineering, delivery and installation of high voltage cables and accessories, fibre optic communication cables and the NKT VALCAP® system for reliable temperature monitoring of the grid.
The logistical requirements included supply of high voltage accessories as well as the transportation of the cables on drums from Cologne via Rotterdam to the port of Bahrain.
The way we handled the cooperation with local companies and authorities and took care of the safety demands on the construction site was appreciated. All of this gave us the status of established business partner in the Gulf Cooperation Council and throughout the Middle East.