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NordLink, The North Sea (Norway-Germany)

Covering a total of 623 kilometers, NordLink is an HVDC (high-voltage direct current) transmission link which will increase energy security in both countries, Norway and Germany.

Key Facts


Statnett, Norway, TenneT, Germany and KfW IPEX-Bank, Germany

Total cable route length

570 km

Location of the project

The North Sea (Norway-Germany)


Started in 2015 and ongoing

Quantity of order

Turnkey 525 kV mass impregnated (MI) HVDC cable system for the German sector with a 1,400 MW power rating


  • HVDC cable system, including 2x154 km submarine DC cable (MI) and 2x54 km underground DC cable (MI)
  • Cable system design and engineering
  • Cable manufacturing and testing
  • Submarine and underground cable-laying and installation
  • Five-year service agreement based on project specific requirements

The project

NordLink will, once it is completed and goes into commercial operation in 2020, be Europe’s longest direct power link between the Norwegian and German electricity markets.

Covering a total of 623 kilometers, NordLink is a HVDC (high-voltage direct current) transmission link which will increase energy security in both countries.

The consortium behind NordLink, which includes utilities Statnett and TenneT, has three important reasons for constructing the link. First, it supports the European Union’s target for CO2 emission reduction by allowing greater integration of renewables. The surplus wind and solar power produced in Germany, which must be used as it is produced, can be transmitted to Norway.

Second, at the other end of the link, Norway can export more stable hydropower to help Germany meet the daily power demand. With the hydropower being used as a battery to balance the wind and solar power generation, the link efficiently balances out fluctuations in demand, both daily and seasonal.

Third, the NordLink offers security of supply: interconnecting grids result in higher availability. The link is fundamental to connect Scandinavia with Germany and is designated to help create an integrated European energy market.

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The solution

NKT play a key role in the NordLink project by offering a turnkey cable system solution ensuring reliable power transmission with low electrical losses.

NKT designs, manufactures and installs the world’s first 525 kV MI (mass impregnated) cable system in the German sector. It includes 154 km of submarine and 54 km of underground cable route. The system will simplify the interconnection of the grids and have the capacity to transmit 1,400 MW of renewable energy, which is enough to meet the power needs of about 3.6 million German households.

NKT does not only supply the cable system, but also ensures top quality and precision when it comes to installation and maintenance. We carry out the installation with our state-of-the-art cable-laying vessel NKT Victoria, and guarantee safe long-term operation through a five-year cable service agreement.

The NordLink project is an excellent example of how HVDC technology can interconnect grids and help countries reach their targets for a renewable energy mix. The smart combination of renewables demonstrates that we can technologically enable a sustainable green energy policy across Europe. It also demonstrates NKT’s commitment to efficient use of renewables; we bring clean power to millions of people and support the energy policies of Germany and Norway. Our cuttingedge technology supports a better world.

“NordLink is a cornerstone project for an interconnected Europe.”

HV Offshore NordLink

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