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Offshore wind turbines in an off-shore wind park

Ostwind 2 grid connection

NKT supports ongoing German energy transition, known as "Energiewende" by delivering a total of almost 300 km of cables with low carbon footprint.

Key facts - Ostwind 2 grid connection



Location of the project

approx. 40 km northeast of the German Island of Rügen in the Baltic Sea

Total cable length

265 km offshore cable (three cable systems), 9 km onshore cable


2018 - ongoing


  • Design and engineering of offshore and onshore cable systems and accessories
  • Manufacturing of cables and accessories
  • Delivery
  • Installation of export accessories and onshore cables
  • Testing
Ostwind 2 grid connection
Ostwind 2 grid connection
Ostwind 2 grid connection
Ostwind 2 grid connection
Ostwind 2 grid connection
Ostwind 2 grid connection

The project

An important contribution to the German “Energiewende”.

The Ostwind 2 grid connection is an important contribution to the ongoing transition by Germany, known as “Energiewende”, to a low carbon, environmentally friendly, reliable and affordable energy supply.
The project includes the connection of two offshore wind farms located in the Baltic Sea, Arcadis Ost 1 and Baltic Eagle, to the German high-voltage grid. The connection to the German high-voltage transmission grid is made at the grid connection point in the substation in Lubmin (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania). Here, the electricity is transformed to 380 kV AC and fed into the 50Hertz transmission grid.

The solution

Two production plants enable more efficient production planning and high delivery flexibility.

For the customer 50Hertz, NKT manufactures and delivers three HVAC cable systems that will connect the two wind farms. The cable systems are manufactured in both our state-of-the-art high-voltage plants in Karlskrona, Sweden, and Cologne, Germany. Both factories run on 100% green electricity, ensuring a low carbon footprint of the power cable system.
In the Ostwind 2 project, the customer benefits from the involvement of two high-voltage plants. First of all, two factories enable more efficient production planning and a higher flexibility with regards to delivery schedules. Furthermore, the double production capacity makes it possible for NKT to deliver a total cable volume of almost 300 km.
The project has been awarded in a consortium with Boskalis Subsea Cables & Flexibles, who will do the offshore cable installation.
The order for Ostwind 2 underlines NKT’s leading position in the growing offshore wind market and strong position in the renewable energy market in general.
Our CEO Alexander Kara said:
“I am excited that we have been awarded our largest AC high-voltage cables order ever with the Ostwind 2 grid connection. The award is a recognition of our technology and know-how of complex high-voltage offshore projects. For NKT, this is also the first order where a customer benefits from having a cable order manufactured at both our high-voltage plants. This enables more efficient production planning and more flexible deliveries for our customer, 50Hertz.”