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Working safely with Qaddy®

Safe working environment with Qaddy®

Qaddy® is an integrated cable reel, pay-off and drum trolley, which significantly improves working conditions for electricians with its revolutionary ergonomic design.

About the Customer

Multi-Tech is a large Danish electrical installations company in Zealand and has around 100 employees. They offer a variety of services within electrical installations.



Too few electrician apprentices

At Multi-Tech, emphasis is put on internal values such as quality, credibility and behaviour, and every third month a follow-up meeting with the electrician apprentices are conducted.
The training of apprentices has always been a significant part of the Multi-Tech policy. "We think there are too few that have enough apprentices. During my time, there has often been a shortage of qualified electricians, therefore I believe one should train as many as possible - and I would like to encourage other electricians to take more apprentices", says Niels Jørgensen, owner of Multi-Tech.

Increasing sick leave

Multi-Tech also focuses on the well-being of the employees, with a result of low sick leave. ”We have observed decreasing sick leave while positive feeling of responsibility and independence at work and other factors of well-being has increased with the employees. They feel noticed and appreciated”, says Niels Jørgensen.
Multi-Techs management dares to be in the front of corporate responsibility by ensuring a good and safe work environment for the electricians, and this is where Qaddy® comes into its own, as Niels Jørgensen states.

A good economy

”Qaddy® is easy to manoeuvre around at the construction site. No extra tools are needed, during the pay-off and the need to push the cable drums around on the site is gone", says Niels Jørgensen and continues, ”This means, that all of the work can be done faster and simpler by the individual electrician, resulting in an all-in-all good economy by using NKT's Qaddy.
As an electrical installer and employer, my employees safety comes first, but the combined economy is also important. Personally, I can only see favourable factors using Qaddy
“Qaddy® comes into its own when securing good working conditions”
Low voltage cable building wire installation with Qaddy