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NKT Viking Link drum loading

Viking Link, Denmark - Great Britain

NKT HVDC power cable system part of the Viking Link


Viking Link, an Energinet and National Grid consortium

Location of the project


Quantity of order:

525 kV MI HVDC onshore power cable system with a capacity of 1 400 MW including joints and terminations

Total cable length:

156 km + spare cable

Total cable route length:

78 km


2019 – 2023


  • HVDC cable system, including 161 km onshore MI cable
  • Design and engineering of onshore cable system
  • Manufacturing of cable system and accessories
  • Cable jointing, termination and testing
NKT HV Paper lapping Karlskrona
NKT Viking Link drum loading
NKT Viking Link drum loading
NKT Viking Link drum loading
NKT Viking Link drum loading
HV Onshore project - Viking Link
VIking Link HV onshore installation

Efficient execution of 525 kV HVDC interconnector project

Viking Link will enable more effective use of energy, access to renewable electricity generation and improved security of electricity supplies.

The project

Viking Link will ensure stable energy supply in Denmark and Great Britain in line with the EU ambition. The owners of the link, Energinet and National Grid, has completed a 760 km long interconnector line between Revsing in southern Jutland, Denmark, and Bicker Fen in Lincolnshire, Great Britain. Viking Link is a key project for the North European transformation towards increased renewable energy supplies. It is one of EU’s projects of common interest since it delivers benefits for at least two member states, supports market integration and competition, secures energy supply and contributes to reducing CO2 emissions.
Denmark and Great Britain are generating more and more power from renewable sources, including offshore wind. A closer integration of transmission grids makes it possible to balance fluctuating wind power production and the demand across countries. The link is also a step towards achieving ambitious renewable and climate change targets in both countries. It is expected to help increase the use of wind power in Denmark, and by creating better possibilities for cross-border electricity trading. NKT prequalified and presented the most advantageous tender for the onshore section in Denmark. We were awarded a contract comprising the supply of 156 km onshore power cable system.

The solution

We manufactured and delivered the 525 kV HVDC cable system, jointed and terminated the onshore cables. NKT´s cable system constitutes the part from the Danish shore to the power grid substation in Revsing. We manufactured the 525 kV HVDC MI onshore cables during two years at our excellent facilities in Karlskrona, Sweden. The factory runs completely on renewable electricity. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic challenges, 113 drums with a weight of 80 tonnes each were successfully produced, tested and transported on vessels to Esbjerg in Denmark.
During one year two teams with six persons each, worked around the clock to joint and terminate NKT´s part of the cable system. MI jointing process was performed by certified staff in specially designed housings at controlled temperature and humidity. All cable drums lengths were delivered, connected and tested by NKT and the high focus on health and safety within the project resulted in zero LTI (Lost Time Injuries).
The efficient project execution was generated by good collaboration based on strong relationship and trust between all involved parties. We completed our scope within planned budget and ahead timeline than contractually required. The fact that we were selected as partner by Energinet and National Grid is a recognition of our technical expertise and long HVDC experience.

“Viking Link will provide enough energy to power up 1.4 million homes.”

— Energinet