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AX Pro

A ground wire for fixed installation in soil or air. The product is designed with corrosion protected aluminium wires. The electrical properties are equivalent to a copper ground wire.

PEX-​AL 36 kV

Halogen free, 1-core XLPE-insulated power cable with circular compacted aluminium conductor and red PE-sheath.


CPI 3 XL is a screened inner cone cable connector made of silicone rubber for connection with cables with large cross sections to switchgear (RMU) and transformers up to 42 kV with bushings size 3 according to EN 50180/50181.

PKL®, 90 Transparent

Flexible cord, with tinned copper conductor, heat resistant insulation and outer sheath of transparent lead free PVC . Max 90ºC.

11 kV Triplex XLPE-​AL-​RE-​FB-​LRT AL screen

11 kV Triplex XLPE with solid AL conductor and AL screen, Fully bonded semiconductor, longitudial and radial watertight


Power cable 1 kV

CB 72

The branch connector type CB 72 is applicable to the outer cone bushing type F of GIS and transformers and is suitable for XLPE- and EPR-insulated cables with Al or Cu conductors.

AL 4-​core waveform-​LSOH Cu sne

AL 4-core Waveform with CU screen and flame retardant outer sheath sne

CC 72

The coupling connector CC 72 is suitable for XLPE and EPR insulated cables with Al or Cu conductors.

PVT® m/extra insulation

Single core cables with stranded copper conductor, with extra PVC insulation.

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