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Multi-core interconnection wires


Multi-core interconnection wires


For fixed installation, indoors and outdoors. Installation of the product should only be carried out by personnel trained and qualified for electrical works. The product is designed according to recognized standards. Applicable rules of installation must be applied at all times.

NOBURN Platinum

Fire resistant cable particularly suitable for use in all types of buildings where Fire Alarm Systems, emergency- and panic lighting may be required

HXJ Xtra B2ca

This cable is halogen free and fire resistant. For Fixed installations indoors and outdoors. The cable is suitable for exit areas and medical facilities. Conductor insulation must be protected against light exposure


Single core cables with Cu conductor

AHXAMK-​W 36 kV single core

Cables for fixed installation in air, soil, water and ducts

AHXAMK-​W 36 kV 3 core

Three cables layed up together with ground wire for fixed installation in air, soil, water and ducts

RXQ Xtra 0,6/1 kV

Cables according to this standard are halogen-free and flame-retardant. In the event of a fire, only smoke free from corrosive gases and with a low smoke density is emitted. For open fixed installation, indoors and outdoors, in pipes and in the ground. When plowing, care must be taken.

EXQ Xtra 300/500 V

Wiring cable with solid copper conductor, XLPE insulation and sheath of Polyolefin. Flameretardent.

YMeKrvaslqwd 12/20 kV

The cables are suitable for fixed underground installations. For AC with max. 24 kV between phases.


Cable for fixed installation in soil, water and pipes. Extra durable multilayer sheath. User-friendy at low temperatures.

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