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H07Z1-​U / EQ / NOVL 70 Flexrør

Halogen-free flex pipes with wires are used for both visible and hidden installation. Can be embedded in concrete, but not vibrated concrete.Flex tubes must not be exposed to direct sunlight and conductor insulation must be protected from direct UV light that may occur in light fixtures and lighting signs

FXLQ Xtra 450/750 V

Wiring cable with flexible copper conductor, screen of aluminium foil. XLPE insulation and sheath of Polyolefin. Flameretardent.

AXQJ Dca 90

Power cables with Al conductor and copper screen

EXQ Xtra 300/500 V

Wiring cable with solid copper conductor, XLPE insulation and sheath of Polyolefin. Flameretardent.

FQAR-​PG 150/250 V

Halogen free flexible control cable with screen of aluminium foil. Insulation and sheath of Polyolefine. Flameretardent.

EXQJ Dca 90

Halogen-free and fire-retardant supply cable with solid copper conductor.

PVL® 90, H07V2-​U

Single core cable with circular solid copper conductor, heat resistant,lead free PVC insulation, non sheated. Max 90ºC.

EXQJ 0,6/1 kV

Installation cable with full copper wire, XLPE insulation and polyolefin jacket. Flame retardant.


Flexible cord, flat, with circular flexible copper conductor, insulation and outer sheat in lead free PVC.

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