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World´s most powerful underground power transmission cable system

640 kV extruded DC cable system is the latest result of our intensive investment in research and development in the field of HVDC transmission technology. It sets a new world record for extruded HVDC cable technology to enable integration of renewable power and connecting energy markets.

The commercialization of the first 640 kV extruded DC underground system with advanced material technology, will increase the maximum power transmission of cable systems by 20% and will allow better integration of distant renewable energy sources into the global energy systems. The technology enables the lowest cable weight per installed megawatt (MW) of transmission capacity and the higher voltages provide transmission with low energy losses.

Enabling more power over greater distances with reduced losses, our 640 kV cable technology offers solutions for countries seeking to integrate their energy markets. Interconnectors enable efficient transmission of renewable energy being generated by for example distant solar and wind installations, facilitating international energy trading for greater utilization of power generation. By using cables, efficient power delivery can also be made through densely populated or environmentally sensitive areas. A single pair of 640 kV extruded HVDC cables could for example transmit enough green power to supply three million households.

640 kV extruded HVDC cable system

Infographic 640kV extruded HVDC cable system

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