Doubling power transmission over longer distances

525 kV extruded HVDC cable systems

The record-breaking 525kV extruded HVDC cable system doubles transmission capacity over longer distances keeping the losses at a low level. This enables greater integration of renewables by power interconnections to the grid.
By utilising a new cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation material for extruded HVDC cable applications as well as a number of newly developed accessories the system enables power transmissions at significantly higher voltage levels than previously possible. The cable system meets international standards and recommendations for extruded cable systems.
Interior view of innovative testhall in Karlskrona power plant

A key step towards greater utilisation of renewable energy

The 525 kV extruded HVDC cable system has a power rating of up to 2600 MW, and is ideal for delivering larger amounts of electrical power over longer distances than was previously possible. The cable system is a key element in the developing vision of a DC grid that can utilise renewable energy generation more efficiently.
Utilisation of the extruded HVDC cable system technology is advantageous when power needs to be efficiently delivered through populated or environmentally sensitive areas or in coastal or open-sea applications. HVDC cable links are essential components of future sustainable energy systems required to transmit vast amounts of electricity over very long distances e.g. across and between continents.


  • Technically and commercially qualified in accordance with the international recommendation Cigré TB 496.
  • Specially designed accessories that utilise proven technologies and innovative solutions, which together enhance capacity
  • The 525 kV extruded HVDC cable system offers a 64% increase in voltage, which enables capacity of up to 2.6 GW

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525 kV XLPE DC Cable System – a key contributor in the green transformation

Michael C. Hjorth, Chief Commercial Officer, HV Solutions on our innovation
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Test hall in Karlskrona for DC solution innovations

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We are constantly developing new solutions to prepare for future demands.
Innovative test hall for 640 kV DC innovations in Karlskrona


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