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Wind Power Solutions

Going green with Norway's biggest wind farm

In the northern Norwegian county of Nordland, an exciting project is underway. Stretching over a 40 km2 area, Øyfjellet Wind Park is set to become the largest wind power installation in Norway, supplying locally produced, green energy to local industry. It will be a vital part of the local energy network, producing approximately 1,200 GWh of energy annually – enough to meet the needs of 162,000 people, or 67% of the population of Nordland.
The electricity generated at Øyfjellet will be fed into the national grid at Marka substation in the town of Mosjøen via a 10 km 132 kV transmission line. With our extensive range of cable accessories for use in wind farms, we were awarded the contract to supply the cable accessories that are needed for a successful execution of the project to Linka AS who is responsible for the design and installation of the transmission line as well as for the cabling within the wind park and cable terminations.
Perfect partners
Thanks to our outstanding long-term partnership with local Norwegian firm Elektroskandia Norge, we are able to have a representative on the ground, allowing us to provide Linka AS with exceptional customer support throughout the project. As part of the Øyfjellet project, we have worked closely with Elektroskandia Norge to supply a number of cable connectors – CSE‑A 36-630, CB 42‑2500 and CC 42‑2500 – and an HDC cable branch cabinet, HDC‑A 36kV.
The cable branch cabinet is a key part of the technology supplied. Whether for consumer grids or wind farms – it can safely connect up to 4 cables in parallel or 3 cables and a surge arrester. The cables can be sectionalized for maintenance work and the disconnected cables then earthed, allowing the rest of the grid to be energized – meaning less disruption for subscribers. Additionally, the cabinets serve as branching points in wind farms, eliminating the need for separate cabling for each turbine and reducing costs.
Powering ahead
The project is not yet finished, but many milestones have already been achieved. The harbour area and access road leading to the wind park have been completed, transformers have been transported up to Øyfjellet, and turbine foundations have been cast. The cabling between the wind farm and the power grid is going to schedule and we are very much looking forward to seeing the wind park in operation!
At a time when the need for renewable energy sources has never been stronger, wind power is undoubtedly a vital weapon in the global fight to combat climate change. Here at NKT, we are proud to be part of that fight with our solutions to connect a greener world.
Wind Power Solutions
HDC cabinet
Wind Power Solutions

Our HDC cabinets for your requirements

Our premium branch cabinets make jointing and branching cable grids easy – whether they’re consumer grids or wind farms. Our different versions can safely connect up to 4 cables in parallel or 3 cables and a surge arrester: 
Cable cabinet 250 A: for 12 - 24 kV cables with conductor cross sections from 25 to 95 mm²
Cable cabinet 630 A: for 12 - 36 kV cables with conductor cross sections from 25 to 800 mm²
The cabinets are used as branching points for cable systems at wind power networks. They also provide a comfortable solution for maintenance, as a test cable can be sectionalized.
Reliable solution and safe working methods
More than 2,000 of our HDC cabinets have been installed all over the world since its introduction in 2008. The galvanized steel cabinet meets the requirements for mechanical impact test (IEC 60439-5) and is designed with a padlock shackle to ensure a safely closed connection point. Tools for safe and touchproof disconnection and earthing are also available.
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