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High Voltage Outdoor Terminations

A premium experience at installation time and beyond

XLPE- and EPR-insulated cables are very much the future, given their advantages of eco friendliness and reduced maintenance requirements. Our outdoor terminations for these ‘dry’ cable technologies share those advantages and add all the benefits of our best-in-class design and manufacturing, especially quick assembly of modular system components. High voltage cable termination procedures become extremely straightforward.
There are two optional kits that can be added to our HV terminations for outdoor use, namely an optical fibre kit and a PD measuring kit. This adds still further value to a product that is already a smart financial move due to its long life and exceptional reliability.


There are many reasons for choosing to use our high voltage outdoor terminations: safety, convenience, cost-efficiency, eco friendliness and increased up-time are the key areas of gain. Here are just a few of the specific advantages:
  • Preassembled components ensure quick installation
  • Modular design enables cost-efficient assembly of solutions (no scaffolding)
  • Meets all criteria of the highest pollution class according to IEC 60815
  • Excellent silicone material properties secure reliable operation

Working with Our High Voltage Outdoor Terminations

The silicone employed in our HV cable terminations for outdoor use is key to their remarkably low maintenance requirements and product longevity – a perfect illustration of how investing in NKT’s premium technology results a total cost of ownership that is extremely attractive. The dry cable technologies that these accessories work with are inherently less expensive to run since there is no possibility of insulation leakage.
And that’s not the only way in which high voltage outdoor terminations from NKT will save you money. The process of assembling a solution that includes these accessories is much more cost-efficient for two reasons. Firstly, they come as a preassembled component that is installed as one piece. Secondly, they form part of a modular system that removes the need for elaborate equipment and complex procedures.

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