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Pre-Assembled Connection Cables

The easy way to powerful connections

NKT’s expert engineers are always striving to find new ways of taking the hassle out of on-site cable system assembly work. With our pre-assembled connection cables, they achieved exactly that. Get in touch to find out how they could make your upcoming project much easier.
Flexibility is another major advantage of using pre-assembled connection cables. They are suitable for a wide variety of applications, so whether you need to connect switchgear to a transformer, or a transformer to a termination, we’ve got you covered. Our pre-assembled connection cables can accommodate complex and precise specifications, providing flexibility and peace of mind for your next projects.
Cable workers installing a medium voltage cable
Choose pre-assembled connection cables for simplified cable service, including medium voltage compact stations, switchgear, transformers, generators and motors. They are custom-made by NKT’s specialist engineers to your precise specifications and subjected to rigorous testing before dispatch.

The Benefits of Pre-assembled Connection Cables from NKT

  • Easy to get started
  • Simplifies assembly
  • Built by qualified and experienced cable experts
  • Incorporate your specific requirements
  • Compatible with third-party accessories

Easy as NKT

Our pre-assembled connection cables are the ultimate way of cutting through the complexity associated with  cable system assembly. Our experts create precisely the product you need for your project, using XLPE or flexible cabling as appropriate and installing all the terminations and connectors required. If necessary, they can also incorporate MV cable accessories from other manufacturers. The assembled cable link then undergoes strict electrical testing in the NKT laboratory, so you know the finished cable is guaranteed to be reliable.

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