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Oil and Gas Cable Competence Centre (OGCCC)

Our expertise in working on oil and gas filled cables

Oil and gas insulated cable infrastructure is ageing and so is the workforce skilled in oil and gas insulated cables. At the same time, the demand for service on such legacy cables is increasing. Therefore, we have founded our Oil & Gas Cable Competence Centre (OGCCC) to secure that our knowledge in working on oil and gas insulated cables is maintained.
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We have a dedicated pool of jointers for the work on oil and gas filled cables

The OGCCC ensures that a sufficient pool of capable jointers is maintained

More than 100 jointers, based in Germany, Denmark, and Sweden are the backbone of Service and Installation, ready to serve customers across the globe. A group of 20 jointers is dedicated exclusively to work on oil and gas filled cables and 32 of our jointers are specialized in working on MI cables. Their knowledge ranges from LPOF through APBF to GASI/GASA cable jointing in a voltage range from 30 up to 525 kV.
To secure that knowledge of legacy cables is maintained and transferred to new jointer generations, we have established our Oil and Gas Cable Compentence Centre (OGCCC). 
Through the OGCCC we offer you:
  • Availability of highly skilled resources
  • Highest quality of workmanship through extensive experience
  • Securing and maintaining oil and gas filled cable know-how

In our training centres, jointers are certified to work on oil and gas insulated cables

New jointer generations will be created in our training centres

Troisdorf – Germany

In summer 2020, we have opened our training centre in Troisdorf. In these new facilities, our experts provide theoretical as well as hands-on trainings, particularly in three areas: LPOF, GASI/GASA, XLPE AC
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Brøndby – Denmark

Our team in Brøndby is specialized in trainings on APBF and XLPE AC cables. In small groups of max. 4 people, jointers can take theory lessons in English, Danish, or German and apply their knowledge in practical assessments.
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Karlskrona – Sweden

In our Karlskrona training facilities, theoretical and practical assessments focus on MI (mass impregnated) cables, FO (fiber optic) cables, XLPE AC, XLPE DC as well as on welding courses.
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Our Australian based specialists hold close relationships with the local energy utilities and provide theoretical learning sessions and practical skills-based development courses to support the next generation of LPOF jointers being trained across the country.
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Christian Kretzschmar

Manager Paper Cable Accessories, Leader Oil & Gas Cable Competence Center

Paul McLean

Regional Sales Manager Australia & New Zealand

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