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The next generation premium aluminium 1 kV power cable

Developed and tested for tough conditions

The release of AXAMK-PE FleX means great news for utilities and contractors, bringing the next generations technical innovations to 1kV cables. It is developed and proven in real life tough Nordic conditions and based on the same technical innovations and experiences from recognized premium products such as the precursors AXAL-TT and AX PRO.
Picture of AXAMK 1kV Cable

Market leading innovations

The AXAMK-PE FleX is based on a proven corrosion protected all-aluminium solution and the aluminium screened cable comes with a dual screen protection making it safe for both humans and sensitive surroundings. Thanks to the unique and innovative construction with the screen wire protection in combination with a durable sheath, the cables are very safe to handle and use in everyday life.

1kV Cable Installation
1kV Cable Installation
1kV Cable Installation

Facts about AXAMK-PE FleX

  • Next generation premium aluminium 1kV power cable
  • Based on long experience and proven technology
  • Corrosion protected aluminium screen is an innovation that provides safe and reliable performance and lifetime values to its users.
  • Has an extremely durable sheath that makes the cable perfect for being directly buried into existing material.
  • Designed to provide best possible working environment, with an easy fault location and personal safety.
1kV Cable Installation

AXAL-TT Endurance 3.0

A Reliable Investment - AXAL-TT Endurance 3.0 is one of the world’s best and toughest medium voltage aluminium cables. It will give you a long-lasting, stable grid with the best possible TCO.