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A Variety of Connections

An extensive range of 1kV cables, manufactured to meet all recognised standards.

NKT offer a variety of 1 kV cables that transmit electricity the final distance to users, whether connecting homes, EV charging infrastructure, street lighting, agricultural sites, or businesses. Our range is hard to beat if you are looking for a cable with specific characteristics, including cables with a copper wire or tape screen, or armour made from steel wires or tapes, including aluminium for single-core cables.
1kV Cable Installation

We merge systems together

The common denominator for our 1kV cables is that they are manufactured to meet all recognised standards. Apart from that, our 1 kV range is very varied. It contains many different types of cables for fixed installation indoors, outdoors, in ground, pipes, water and concrete. Some of them are also suitable for ploughing. This variety makes us the perfect partner for implementing flexible overall solutions.

Cable design based on needs

When designing a 1 kV cable, we do so with a specific customer benefit in mind. For example, a common application is a service cable in residential areas, requiring many different connection points. For such applications, a flexible and easily stripped cable that is smooth to handle even at low temperatures is usually the best choice.

Safe Electricity Grid for Buildings

Another common application for 1 kV cables is as a distribution cable in buildings where halogen-free cable is needed, to meet standards for fire safety. Also, cables for indoor installation must be very flexible, able to be pulled through pipes and placed on cable trays. We are able to provide the appropriate 1 kV cables to fulfil every client's requirements.

Further low voltage cables

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Building Wires

At NKT, we develop durable cables that will deliver value for many years. When we develop an installation cable at NKT, the best working environment is always an important parameter.

Flexible Conduits

NKT flexible conduits are the first choice for installers with high demands on quality and work environment.

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