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Flexible conduits from NKT – a conscious choice for real professionals

Professionals tend to identify and choose the best products for the task at hand. Therefore, NKT flexible conduits are the first choice for installers with high demands on quality and work environment. We supply flexible conduits with or without pre-drawn cables and in several packaging solutions.
Installer pulling cable through flexible conduit

Easier installation with pre-drawn cable

At NKT we are always keen to design smart products that make the job easier. With its pliability, pre-drawn cable in flexible conduits is a product that really saves time and reduces annoyance for installers. With pre-drawn you do not have to pull the cables through the conduit and can work faster and smoother.

Handy packages with pre-drawn cable

Our variety of flexible conduits with pre-drawn cable is available in three practical packaging solutions: Coil, Quick Coil and Qaddy®. They are adapted for different work tasks and types of projects. All with superb capabilities that make the job easier.

Empty Flexible Conduits of Superior Quality

We market halogen-free, corrugated, low-friction conduits in very flexible and durable polypropylene. These qualities make the conduits easier on the environment and the installer.
Flexible conduits from NKT can be used for fixed, concealed or open installations or cast in concrete.

Further low voltage cables

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Building Wires

At NKT, we develop durable cables that will deliver value for many years. When we develop an installation cable at NKT, the best working environment is always an important parameter.

Flexible Cables

Our flexible cables are designed to cope with very high bending radii and used in various applications.