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Bringing Power to Telecom

NKT is stronger than ever to meet the future of Telecom energy cables

With over 40 years of experience of energy cables in the telecom industry, we are a reliable partner for our global customers. We offer cost-efficient quality telecom energy cables for site solutions by working closely with our customers and continuously shaping our product range.
Low voltage cable being tested in accordance with CPR regulations

NKT Telecom Cables Are Adopting CPR

CPR is a common classification of fire properties and it is a regulatory requirement in Europe for cables used in buildings since 2017. This is also valid for telecom cables. Within CPR there are different classes of fire safety from A (toughest) to B, C, D and E. “ca” is added after the class and stands for “cable”. A common class is Dca and it was adopted when CPR was introduced.
Since first being introduced, tougher requirements have been discussed and implemented in several countries due to increased need for fire and personal safety. Class Cca has become the standard requirement. For some environments and building where safety is extra important e.g. hospitals, airports the tougher class Bca is required.
This is why NKT is adopting Bca to telecom power cables. No matter where it is installed, it will always be safe. One cable for all scenarios. No discussion with building owners. Look for the CE mark and CPR class on the packaging and cable.

Product portfolio

Our manufacturing is based on quality and safety standards in accordance with UL listing and CPR and are preferred suppliers for professional installers because of the flexibility, easy preparation and connectivity of our products. Find out more about our power cables, grounding cables and battery cables.

The cables are developed in close cooperation with the telecom industry. As the industry has changed from traditional cabinet base stations to distributed radio units and small cell radio systems, so our telecom energy cables have been fully optimised with regard to cost, performance, installation and maintenance.
A broad range of different designs for indoor and outdoor installation means cost-efficient energy cables for almost any site solution. Due to flexible production set-up, our customers can expect delivery with short lead times.

Our Business in Numbers

40 Years telecom cables
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Telecom cable on drums in production facility

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Our Journey

A Global Player

Being a global energy cable manufacturer for all kinds of solutions, we have several production plants at our disposal throughout Europe, including Scandinavian countries as well as in Eastern Europe. NKT is also physically present in North America with a newly opened subsidiary and warehouse in Dallas, Texas, to support the growing US market.
Aerial photo of telecom cable production facility in Falun

Telecom Energy Cables in Use

Typical telecom tower site showing the different energy cables in use. The illustration is displaying both scenarios with separate power cables to each radio (left) and one multi cable to feed several radios via a connection box (right).
The power cables connect from power distribution unit on ground to the radios mounted in the tower close to the antennas. Grounding cables connect any equipment (radios, cabinets etc.) to earth terminal. Battery cables connect power distribution unit to the backup batteries.
Telecom Energy Cables in Use
Tower site: Separate power cables to each radio
Telecom Energy Cables in Use
Tower site: Multi power cable to splice box

Further low voltage cables

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Building Wires

At NKT, we develop durable cables that will deliver value for many years. When we develop an installation cable at NKT, the best working environment is always an important parameter.

Flexible Conduits

NKT flexible conduits are the first choice for installers with high demands on quality and work environment.

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