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Powering the future of telecom

Our industry experience and commitment to innovation will help us power a more connected and more sustainable world

For 130 years, NKT has helped build the backbone of today’s world as well as tomorrow’s. As global connectivity accelerates, we are here to help power it, reliably and responsibly.

Leading the way in telecom energy cables

Our customers trust our proven track record and our commitment to innovation. As an industry leader with over forty years’ experience in telecom energy cables, we work closely with our customers to understand their needs, continuously improving and expanding our product range to meet and exceed their expectations.
This is how we deliver high quality, telecom energy cables tailored for each application.

Setting a new standard

We do not just rely on our industry experience, but continuously work to improve ourselves and our products, optimising every NKT telecom energy cable across cost, performance and ease of use.
Here are four reasons our cables stand out and our clients come back time after time:
  • Availability –  We’re the ideal partner for time-critical projects thanks to our large, flexible production capacity. All our cables are produced in dedicated lines and machinery to deliver across various  continents, guaranteeing the availability of our products, but also being on-hand to support you with local knowledge and experience.
  • Quality – We know customers rely on you, so we make cables you can rely on. These durable cables are designed in collaboration with the industry to withstand any environment, and tailored to suit specific telecom applications. We also go above and beyond when it comes to fire safety standards.
  • Simplicity – Installers prefer our cables because they are more flexible, easier to handle, hoist, prepare and fit. Our broad range of designs for both indoor and outdoor installation allows us to keep things simple for you, offering the right - and cost-efficient - energy cables for any site solution. 
  • Sustainability – We put environmental and social sustainability at the heart of what we do, striving to have some of the most sustainable products and practices in the industry. That’s why we were the first major power cable company to commit to the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. We also run our business in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and using 100% renewable electricity at all our manufacturing sites.

Our product portfolio

NKT cables are developed in close cooperation with the telecom industry.
So as the industry has changed – from traditional cabinet base stations to distributed radios and small cell systems – our energy cables have changed to meet its different needs.
We now offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor energy cable designs for almost any site solution. Our cables are cost-effective, benefitting our customer, but also more flexible and easier to handle for installers, making them the top choice all round.
All our cables are produced with guaranteed quality in mind. Part of this guarantee is ensuring that they are designed and tested to internationally recognized standards in accordance with UL and CPR. Our flexible production set up on the continent also means you can count on us to deliver with short lead times.

When it comes to safety, we aim higher

Across the EU, cables used in or near buildings must adhere to CPR fire safety requirements. This includes telecom cables.
Since the introduction of CPR, stricter requirements have been implemented in several countries to further improve fire safety. As a result, there are now several different CPR fire safety classes:
  • Aca – the highest standard (not applicable for cables)
  • B1ca – a higher standard for unique environments (not applicable for cables)
  • B2ca – a higher standard for environments such as hospitals and airports
  • Cca – the current standard requirement
  • Dca – the most common class adopted when CPR was introduced
  • Eca – the lowest standard
  • Fca – not fire rated
NKT strives to improve our quality and reliability wherever possible, which is why we are adopting the higher Bca fire safety standard across all our telecom power cables, meaning you can trust them wherever they’re installed. We like to help you keep things simple, with one cable for all scenarios, and no difficult conversations with building owners.
Look for the CE mark and CPR class on our cables.

A truly global player

Beyond our Europe origins, NKT is also a global power cable manufacturer catering to all kinds of international solutions. Alongside our production plants throughout Europe, we are also supporting the growing North American market with a subsidiary and warehouse in Dallas, Texas. This growing global role invites us to continuously innovate to achieve ever higher standards of cables, service and sustainability.

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Our Business by Numbers

40 Years telecom cables
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Telecom cable on drums in production facility

Legacy you can trust

Our telecom journey began with fixed line energy cables before moving on to NMT and then GSM. Since then our company has grown with the technology – from 3G to 4G to 5G, and beyond. Over the last 130 years we have proven our commitment to connect a greener world - a commitment we stand by today.
Thanks to our history of innovation and our constant drive to improve, we are the preferred global supplier for multiple OEMs and operators. The high-quality and reliability of our products also provide the foundations for us to pursue greater sustainable practices going forwards, reducing the environmental impact of our products and processes without impacting their performance.
We are also committed to our customers, who range from global telecom vendors to highly specialised niche players. Large or small, they trust us because we put their needs first, developing specific products on request that meet and exceed their expectations. 

Our cables in use

The diagrams below show two energy cable set-ups for a typical telecom tower. In both set-ups, the power cables run from a power distribution unit on the ground to radios mounted on the tower, close to the antennae. Grounding cables connect any equipment (such as radios or cabinets) to an earth terminal, while battery cables connect power distribution to backup batteries.
Diagram A depicts separate power cables running to each radio. Diagram B depicts one multi power cable or trunk cable running to multiple radios via a power junction box.
Telecom Energy Cables in Use
Tower site: Separate power cables to each radio
Telecom Energy Cables in Use
Tower site: Multi power cable to splice box

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