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Easy overview of all asset actions

A Plug and Play approach

Customized hardware tracking device

TrackMyDrum is an universal tool for vendors, utility & installation companies to track, coordinate and manage cables, drums and projects.
The solution is an innovation which removes blind spots along the chain of custody, reducing theft, storage fees, delivery delays, and ensuring real-time inventory and project management to get the ultimate overview of all actions and cut unnecessary costs.
TrackMyDrum is a revolutionary product consisting of a customized hardware tracking device, a web application and a smartphone app that works with any cable and cable drum.
The web application crafted with a modern design language and security in mind to visualize the state of things and to carry out day-to-day operations at ease. The mobile app was specially created for people on the field handling drums or the assets to document cable consumption, deliveries, damages and much more. It functions easily with any barcode or QR-Code in case trackers are not used.
On top of that, all data is safely kept on servers in Germany and the solution is easy to integrate with your ERP-system. 
Track my Drum

Narrowband-IoT/LTE-M Tracker

TrackMyDrum X1 tracker provides real time tracking of the assets, also in very remote areas thanks to its ability to connect to multiple networks, depending on which one is available and strongest in the area the asset is in. It's an add on to the TrackMyDrum solution to give you the maximum experience of cable and drum tracking.

Facts about TrackMyDrum

  • Overview status of all assets
  • Overview of projects, orders and deliveries
  • Handle claims and damage reports
  • Keep track of rental period
  • Receive real-time notifications about asset movements
  • Easy way to document cable usage and history



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