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NKT cables and cable accessories for onshore wind parks

NKT is on a path towards connecting a greener world and we’re aiming to be your solutions provider when it comes to onshore wind power.

Electricity is currently delivered through our cables to different end users (households, residential and commercial buildings, industries and infrastructure) from onshore wind farms, and we’re proud to help deliver sustainable and durable power cables solutions for future generations.
We can provide 1 kV, medium & high voltage cables for renewable energy facilities connecting onshore wind applications to the power grid.
NKT offers cables as well as cable accessories for grid connections and internal network between turbines. Wind farms have specific requirements on the cable accessories because of harmonics and transients. To cope with this, cable accessories need to have an integrated electrical field control. NKT offers joints, connectors and terminations with this feature. As a premium supplier of power cables and cable accessories, we are committed to ensuring that our products meet the highest industry standards, also under challenging circumstances.

​​​​​​​On the path towards connecting a greener world

In NKT, we are dedicated to power cable technology and our purpose is to connect you, us and society to a greener world by enabling renewable energy transmission. Let NKT support your next onshore wind farm project. Download our Wind Power Solutions brochure below and explore our different offerings.

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