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Renewable energy solutions

Connect your future renewable energy projects with NKT cables and accessories

The demand and supply for renewable energy is increasing. In 2022, energy production in Europe from wind and solar made up 22% of total supply. This was a yet another record, and one we are likely to see continue as the build out of renewable energy projects continues.
As a supplier of low-, medium- and high-voltage cables and accessories, we are a key partner in this continued build out. With a long history in the industry and a broad product portfolio we help connect a greener world – from energy source, to end user. To show our commitment to renewable energy, all our production sites run on 100% renewable electricity and as a company we are embedding sustainability into everything we do. Learn more about our sustainability journey here.
We are dedicated to power cable technology and our purpose is to enable more renewable energy transmission. As the electrification of society continues, our cable technology plays an increasingly key role in powering modern life, global society and future generations with renewable energy. 
We can deliver onshore, offshore or solar cable solutions.

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