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Our solutions for solar energy

Connecting a greener world through solar

The demand for renewable energy is rapidly increasing these years and solar energy plays an important part in generation renewable energy. 
In response to that demand, NKT offers a range of products for harvesting solar energy. For now, we provide a range of 1kV, medium voltage and photovoltaic cables, and that’s only the beginning. 
At NKT, we’re constantly pushing the innovation and performance of our products in order to ensure our customers and partners are met with the highest quality and long endurance. We strive to meet today’s and tomorrow’s demands for solar energy – and to match any product request.


NKT wins order to connect large Danish solar farm to the power grid

Danish solar farm to the power grid
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Solar cell park


NKT supplies 36 and 72 kV power cables for green energy parks

Cables for green energy parks
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Windmilll and solar cell park


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Record-breaking year for the solar industry
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Renewables, Solar farm, green grass

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Kenneth Johansson
Global Director of Renewables
Peter Marcusson
Head of Renewables Northern Europe
Robert Jesumann
Regional Sales Manager Utilities & Industry Center Germany