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onshore windmill park with stormy clouds and a blue sky, windmill park in the ocean. Netherlands Europe

Our solutions for onshore wind parks

Connecting a greener world through wind

Wind energy is one of the most sustainable energy sources with a small impact and is mainly used for generating electricity. In response to the demand for more renewable and sustainable energy, NKT has developed a range of 1 kV, medium & high voltage cables needed for wind park constructions. We’re the market leader in this area and your trusted partner all the way. 
At NKT, we’re constantly pushing the innovation and performance of our cables in order to ensure our customers and partners are met with the highest quality and long endurance. 
We provide a range of cables, accessories and services for wind power applications and we comply to local and international standards.


NKT powered up one of the largest onshore wind farms in Northern Europe

We were chosen to deliver the full range of medium voltage cables to Björnberget
Read the Björnbjerget case
Windmill in winter landscape


Fortum Wind Park, Finland

NKT supplies 110 kV power cables for onshore wind park in Finland.
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Wind farms onshore


NKT cables and cable accessories for onshore wind parks

We’re aiming to be your solutions provider when it comes to onshore wind power.
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Wind Power Solutions

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Kenneth Johansson
Global Director of Renewables
Peter Marcusson
Head of Renewables Northern Europe
Robert Jesumann
Regional Sales Manager Utilities & Industry Center Germany