Every minute counts - Are you prepared for a cable breakdown?

In cases of power cable downtime, every minute counts. Getting the cable up and running again quickly is absolutely vital for the owner or operator of the cable – reducing the cost of cable failure by up to 70 percent*.  

Large power cable systems are multi-billion euro investments – core infrastructure in our electrical networks. Any downtime due to, for example, a cable breach may cost the operator tens or hundreds of thousands of euros a day in the form of loss of income or penalties. To illustrate this with an example: according to Allianz, cables only represent up to 10 percent of the capital expenditure of a windfarm, but up to 80 percent of the total value of associated insurance claims.

Whilst power cables are extremely robust – designed to withstand the harshest operating conditions imaginable – accidental breaches do happen due to e.g. a dragging anchor at sea or an unfortunate digging operation on land. The market average repair time for offshore cables is 107 days*. Given the business-critical value of power cables, surprisingly few operators have a systematic preparedness procedure to adopt in the event of cable breakdown. At NKT, we have made it our daily business to help our cable service customers reduce a potential downtime by an average of 30-60 days by having the right repair preparedness.

0.Contract  1. Engineering and documentation  2. Fault location  3. Mobilization  4. Repair  5. Cable testing and deployment

It is important to keep the right spare parts at the right location and in the right condition, to have the relevant documentation updated and readily available, and to minimize the number of interfaces involved. 

The latter is perhaps the most important aspect of all. Just imagine the hassle of coordinating the responsibilities and opinions of several external parties – for example, vessel operators, jointers and authorities – while money is being drained out of your business due to cable downtime. 

The above factors determine a cable operator’s preparedness to properly manage a cable failure – and to bring down standstill costs to an absolute minimum. 

At NKT, we help our partners to be ready for the worst in case of cable breakdown. With the right preparedness, we can reduce the offshore cable outage time and cost by more than 70% compared to the market average repair time of 107 days*. 

*Source: Cigre statistics.

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