Offshore Cable Service products – Minimize revenue losses in the event of a fault

Cable failure rarely occurs. If it does, the main offshore reason is often external damage, such as anchor strikes or dragging fishing nets. To ensure fast and cost-effective repairs, it is important to plan for future support and spare parts management. With NKT’s cable services, in the event of an offshore cable fault, you can reduce time and revenue losses by up to 70% compared to the market average. 

During the past decade, NKT Cable Service has successfully executed almost one hundred repairs on cable systems with all major insulation technologies: extruded (XLPE), mass-impregnated and oil-filled, as well as legacy oil-filled cables. Based on our around 80 years of experience of repair operations, we have developed a service level agreement which ensures the right level of preparedness for our customers. The latest service is our guaranteed mobilization time, whereby we can provide a fully mobilized vessel including jointers within approx. 10 days.

Health and safety is always a primary concern in our service delivery, and we offer a complete service portfolio, including several options of service support packages based on your specific needs. Let us take care of your cable system, so that you can focus on your core business throughout the life-cycle of your cables. 

Choose from a wide range of offerings for planned and unplanned offshore cable service.

Spare part management 

In the event of cable failure, you need the right spare parts really quickly. The parts must also be in good condition. Some parts age faster than others, causing their function to deteriorate over time (e.g. tape or rubber parts). With spare part management , we inspect your spare part stock to ensure it is sufficient for the performance of cable repair. If required, we can provide storage that is efficiently maintained and fully allocated for each customer. You can choose to take care of parts replacements yourself or hand this task over to NKT. 

Repair preparedness 

Is the cable located in deep or shallow water? Does it run close to or crossing a gas line? Factors such as these affect the choice of vessel, work method, procedures and which permits are required. You may have all the necessary equipment and personnel under control, but if drawings for equipment are missing, or if your personnel don’t hold the necessary certificates, then repairs will be delayed, at best. High preparedness is an essential part of fast cable repairs.

Monitoring solutions 

Our monitoring solutions help you to increase cable availability, adapt the load to existing conditions, and increase the capacity. You can check the cable's health to help reduce risk and lower your insurance fees. We use leading monitoring systems, ensuring maximum cable system availability. Measurement data is combined with a vessel-tracking system so that you can monitor marine traffic close to the cable and play back the recorded traffic. 

Resources on call 

With this service, NKT experts are always available in the event of a cable problem. At a fixed daily rate, you are offered the peace of mind of knowing that there is no need to negotiate prices in the event of downtime and loss of revenue. You are guaranteed telephone contact with a cable engineer within 30 minutes. Depending on the problem, fault analysis will be carried out after once the customer's fault has been reported over the phone. If required, mobilization for repairs can begin immediately after the call.

Marine resource plan 

A marine resource plan contains all the necessary information about the repair site, including vessel availability, market conditions and site elements. The information is used, for example, to choose the most suitable vessel for the repair work. With the new NKT guaranteed mobilization time solution, we can select, transfer and mobilize it to meet our customer’s needs within approx. 10 days. We take full responsibility for the equipment, for measurements, and for the acquisition of all necessary safety permits for the vessel, personnel and cable. 

Fault location 

Fault location must be accurate in order to minimize both downtime and the amount of spare cable used. It is complex work – especially at sea. Many operations need to be synchronized, including access to ships. On land, NKT’s service vans are fully equipped to enable field measurements. Of course, skilled and experienced specialists are also key. Backed by our technical department, our service engineers are experts in deploying different methods to locate a faulty section of cable. 

Cable jointing and termination 

Cable jointing requires solid experience, whether for extruded, mass-impregnated (MI) or oil-filled cables. NKT’s jointers work exclusively with jointing and termination. We provide turnkey solutions with all the necessary personnel and equipment, including jointing houses and our own-designed paper-lapping machine for MI cables. Pre-tested and sea-certified, NKT’s equipment is guaranteed to be fully functional when loaded onboard your vessel.

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