Onshore Cable Service - outstanding service delivery, regardless of cable type

Power cables are robust and hardly ever fail. Even so, it only takes one unfortunate digging operation to sever the cable. It then become a matter of urgency to get the cable back into operation again – fast.

NKT has a long tradition of producing and servicing many types of onshore cable insulation technologies, e.g. extruded cables (XLPE) and mass-impregnated cables (MI), as well as gas-pressured cables and oil-filled cables. With around 600 man-years of in-house competence in legacy cable technologies, combined with a profound knowledge of modern technologies, we know that different cable systems have different requirements for maintenance and monitoring to ensure optimal operation. Together with the cable operator, we customize the service and level of preparedness required, resulting in a reduced outage time. 

Service quality must be excellent in order to ensure fast repairs and to avoid future problems. The complexity of repair operations increases with different voltage levels and installation methods. At NKT, we have around 80 years of proven expertise, craftsmanship, safety awareness, spare parts availability, agility and speed.

The breadth and depth of our knowledge and capabilities makes our service scope unique in the market. Take advantage of our systematic approach to service, and let us take care of your cable systems – so that you can focus on your core business.

Onshore service portfolio

Choose from a wide range of offerings for planned and unplanned onshore cable service.

Repair preparedness

Preparation is key to successful repair work. We can tailor a preparedness plan for you, outlining e.g. the data, permits, certificates, contacts and repair scenarios that are necessary for repairs to be performed both swiftly and safely. The plan is periodically reviewed – based on technical developments as well as changing market, environmental and asset conditions – in collaboration with our customer in a cable repair preparedness workshop.

Monitoring solutions

It must be possible to remotely check the cable's health in order to enable effective maintenance strategies. We make sure the cable load is adapted to changing conditions at all times. We help to identify the risk of future cable damage well in advance so that it can be prevented. This enables you to benefit from the highest possible cable system availability, regardless of the specific conditions of your cable.


Solid experience and expertise are necessary ingredients for high-quality cable maintenance. Maintenance must be carried out regularly to ensure reliable operation. At NKT, we offer a comprehensive set of maintenance procedures, including inspection, cleaning, checking of consumables, measuring, refilling, data collection and reporting. All procedures are available, regardless of the type or age of the cable to which they apply. 

Spare part management

Should a cable breakdown occur, it is important to know that all the necessary spare parts are readily available. NKT has a structured method to ensure our customers’ spare parts inventories are always updated, as the condition of parts deteriorates over time. Our service team will inspect your stock to ensure it is sufficient for cable repairing, focusing mainly on cables, joints and cable accessories. Based upon the inventory, we can replace the necessary parts for you, or you can choose to do this yourself.

Resources on call

In the event of cable failure, time is critical. Our resources on call service gives service level agreement (SLA) customers a guarantee that the right resources will be available 24/7 to assist you should an accident occur. Because the price is fixed, you don’t have to worry about price discussions during a cable standstill. You are guaranteed telephone contact with one of our cable engineers within 30 minutes of reporting a problem.

Fault location

If necessary, the mobilization of a repair operation can begin immediately after a call is received. NKT’s service vans are equipped with tested and calibrated equipment, enabling our skilled and experienced service engineers to make any necessary field measurements. Backed by our technical department, our service engineers use and combine different methods to find and locate the section of cable where the fault has occurred.

Cable jointing and termination

Cable jointing is a craft that takes many years to learn, especially when it comes to working with gas-pressured cables. Our jointing personnel are sourced from our in-house installation department, which means all of their time is devoted to jointing and termination work. We deliver complete jointing solutions that, besides the expertise of our personnel, include all the equipment necessary for jointing. We provide turnkey jointing and termination solutions.

Every minute counts

Are you prepared for a cable breakdown?

Offshore Cable Service

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