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High Voltage Offshore Cables

Pioneering and world leading

Offshore cables for both AC and DC play important roles in the regeneration of our energy mix, enabling offshore applications to generate or use renewable power.
Offshore high voltage cable production at NKT facility in Karlskrona

Extensive experience drive innovation

We are world leaders when it comes to high voltage offshore cable systems and pioneered the industry's first offshore HVDC link in 1954. Still today, we continue to innovate and are the first manufacturer to qualify and supply 525 kV both for MI and XLPE insulation technology.

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We deliver sustainable solutions for a lifetime and for generations to come.
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High voltage offshore projects and turnkey solutions

NKT High voltage offshore

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We know cables!

  • In 1954, we delivered the world´s first MI HVDC submarine cable - the 80 kV link between Sweden and Gotland
  • In 1973 we delivered the world´s first extruded high voltage submarine AC cable between Sweden and the Åland islands
  • In 2007 we were first to launch a dynamic power-from-shore HVAC cable system, connecting the Gjøa floating oil and gas platform in the North Sea
  • In 2013, we launched the world´s first and most powerful AC three-core 420 kV submarine cable, the link crossing the Little Belt strait
  • In 2014, we introduced the record-breaking and innovative 525 kV extruded HVDC cable system
  • The turnkey supplier of the world´s longest extruded cable, the NordBalt link, which consists of two 300 kV submarine cables, each 400 km long and cables routes comprising 40 km on the Swedish side and 10 km on the Lithuanian side  
  • In 2019 we commissioned the world´s longest HVAC cable connecting the Martin Linge oil and gas field to shore, a 163 km extruded three-core submarine cable  
NKT Victoria installing high voltage cable offshore

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High Voltage Offshore AC Cable

Our high voltage AC offshore cable systems support the renewable energy transformation and are developed to optimum technical standards.

High Voltage Offshore DC Cables

Our high voltage DC offshore cable systems enable efficient long-distance transmission at high power levels, interconnecting regions and countries and electrified oil and gas platforms.

High Voltage Dynamic Cables

NKT dynamic cables are characterised by high fatigue endurance and are designed to withstand a lifetime of constant movement.

Lifecycle Cable Services

We offer cable services from installation up to decommissioning, coupled with cable monitoring and services for legacy cable systems.