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High Voltage Offshore AC Cables

Enabling a greener energy consumption

Our high voltage alternating current (HVAC) offshore cables support integration of renewable power to the existing grid as well as provide a grid extension to “single-points”, such as offshore wind, or oil and gas installations.
Offshore Cable Turntable

Master-pieces for power transmission

Extruded HVAC cables are insulated with cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) and manufactured in a triple extrusion process, where semiconducting layers and the insulation layer are extruded in one step. XLPE features low relative permittivity, a very low power loss factor and high dielectric strength.

Export and transmission cable

To feed the wind energy generated on the high seas into the grid systems on land, we design, produce and install high voltage submarine cables for all required voltage levels. With great focus on continuous, extra-long production lengths and the availability of a full range of cable accessories, we provide the very best project-specific solutions for cable systems and offshore installations.

Infield cables

Our high-performance submarine cables, connect wind turbines to the offshore platform and ensure efficient and low-loss energy transmission within the offshore wind park. Our infield cables are type-tested up to 66 kV in accordance with international recommendations. They can be coiled, providing optimum flexibility and cost-effectiveness for logistics and storage.

Rentel – NKT offshore power transmission to Belgium

High-voltage AC cable system from NKT transmits clean power to the electricity grid in Belgium

Connecting offshore wind

World leader in connecting offshore wind

Our HVAC offshore cables support the green energy transformation in Europe. NKT is a clear market leader when it comes to energized export cables. Rentel windfarm was one of them.
Offshore installation of the HVAC cable connecting the Kriegers Flak windfarm to the Danish grid

First submarine cable

World’s most powerful AC submarine cable

World’s first 420 kV submarine cable is also the world’s most powerful three-core AC submarine cable crossing the Little Belt strait in Denmark. The cable system has no visual impact on the landscape and is part of a visual enhancement scheme in the area.
Installation of the 420 kV HVAC cable crossing the Little Belt strait in Denmark

Longest AC submarine cable

World’s longest AC submarine cable

World’s longest HVAC submarine cable, 163 km connecting the Martin Linge oil and gas field. The renewable power from shore reduces the environmental impact by saving about 200,000 tons of CO2 annually.
Cable laying vessel NKT Victoria installing an offshore cable with platform Martin Linge in the background

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All our cable designs are customized according to our customer project requirements

High Voltage Offshore DC Cables

Our high voltage DC offshore cable systems enable efficient long-distance transmission at high power levels, interconnecting regions and countries and electrified oil and gas platforms.

High Voltage Dynamic Cables

NKT dynamic cables are characterised by high fatigue endurance and are designed to withstand a lifetime of constant movement.

High Voltage Onshore AC Cables

High voltage AC (HVAC) onshore cable systems replace conventional overhead lines and enable installations in challenging environments.

Offshore Installation

We provide solutions whatever the requirements. With all the right equipment for reliable and cost-efficient solutions, supported by unrivalled expertise in high voltage AC and DC cable installations.

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