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High Voltage Onshore AC Cables

Safe, reliable underground power distribution

High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) onshore cable systems replace conventional overhead lines and enable installations in challenging environments.
Underground cable installations offer invisible transmission routes and provide natural protection for the cables. HVAC cable systems enable greater integration of renewable power to existing grids, developing, extending and upgrading the power grids to meet the electricity needs in urban areas, today and tomorrow.

State-of-the-art production facilities

Our high voltage AC onshore cables are produced and tested at our state-of-art factories in Cologne, Germany, and Karlskrona, Sweden.
Quality check at NKT facility in Karlskrona
For energy transmission in the high- and extra high-voltage range, XLPE insulated cables have prevailed. NKT design, manufacture and test these cables in-house in compliance with international recommendations and customer specifications. If wanted, NKT can equip your cables with fibre optics and monitoring systems.
With both standard and customized cables, our development skills, long experience and the broad range of manufacturing options, we can be sure to offer the most efficient solution. As early as in the planning stage, we can provide you with individual support in choosing a suitable cable system.
Find out more about our wide range of onshore AC cables, including the single-core cable with a maximum voltage of 550 kV.
High voltage cable onshore installation in Trelleborg

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