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High Voltage City Cables

Combining excellent advantages

City calbe installation site in Liverpool

Efficient reinforcement of city power networks

City cables combine the advantages of the conventional pipe-type cables and XLPE cables. By using existing pipes in city networks, the replacement of aging pipetype cables is done without major excavations, avoiding elaborate and costly measures in city networks.
For new installations, our City cables provide economical and safe installation of new equipment in densely populated cities. The City cables are available within the range from 123 kV to 245 kV, and offer integrated electromagnetic shielding, significantly reducing electromagnetic emissions.

Key advantages

Our high voltage City cables offer quick and cost-effective replacement of existing cable by feeding into existing pipelines. Additional features: 
  • Compact and robust three-core design
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Continuous monitoring possible
Cable installer preparing city cable to be installed on site in Amsterdam

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