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High Voltage Onshore Cables

Great power transmission underground

Cable worker pulling high voltage cable from a drum at onshore installation site in Trelleborg
We design, manufacture and install high and extra high voltage cable systems for power transmission directly from power generation sites to primary distribution networks. Every part of the solution is designed to meet any customer specific requirements.
We supply high voltage underground cable systems up to 550 kV AC, and 640 kV DC worldwide, with extra-large conductor cross-sections up to 3x2000 mm2. We also provide all the appropriate accessories technology, properly selected for the specific requirements in each customer project.

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We deliver sustainable solutions for a lifetime and for generations to come.
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High voltage onshore projects and turnkey solutions

NKT High voltage onshore

Why choose us?

  • In 1998, we delivered the world´s first extruded HVDC underground cable – 80 kV GotLight – thus pioneering the extruded HVDC cable system technology
  • Our extensive experience of underground cable solutions for urban settings and challenging environments are well documented
  • Great ability to produce and install very long cable lengths
  • Robust top-class cable systems with the highest voltage level in the world. In 2017, we launched the world leading innovation of 640 kV DC
High voltage cable installation onshore

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High Voltage Onshore AC Cables

High voltage AC (HVAC) onshore cable systems replace conventional overhead lines and enable installations in challenging environments.

High Voltage City Cables

For new installations, the City cables provides economical and safe installation of new equipment in densely populated cities.

High Voltage Onshore DC Cables

High voltage underground DC cables are ideal for efficient, long-distance power transmission and advantageous for densely populated, or environmentally sensitive areas.

High Voltage Cable Solutions

With clever solutions and applied knowledge from a multitude of high voltage situations and demands, we can provide customized cable solutions to precisely meet customer requirements.