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High Voltage Onshore DC Cables

Ideal for long-distance power transmission

HV Onshore project - Viking Link
High voltage DC (Direct Current) cables are ideal for efficient, long-distance power transmission and advantageous for densely populated, or environmentally sensitive areas.
Underground cables can interconnect remote locations across countries cost-efficiently and enable secure and stabilizing grid connections. By connecting underground DC cables to submarine cables, renewable energy generated offshore can be transmitted efficiently to the mainland grid.
NKT is one of the pioneers and market leaders providing complete DC underground cable systems up to the highest voltage levels.

640 kV XLPE – a global innovation

640 kV extruded DC cable system is the latest result of our intensive investment in research and development in the field of HVDC transmission technology. It sets a new world record for extruded HVDC cable technology enabling the integration of renewable power and connecting energy markets.

The first qualified 525 kV DC system

The 525 kV extruded DC cable system was launched in 2014 and doubled the power transmission capabilities at that time over longer distances.
HVDC cable system leave no visible footprint in the landscape after installation underground

Extruded and mass-impregnated cables

We provide HVDC underground cables with two different insolation systems: Mass-impregnated (MI) and the extruded, cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE). Both solutions are qualified in accordance with industry recommendations and are well-proven on-site for many years now.
A DC cable system uses specially designed accessories, special-purpose prefabricated joints and terminations to facilitate the installation process, thus making it more efficient.

High Voltage Onshore DC Cables

Unique DC onshore projects

Our high voltage DC onshore cable systems are already widely used, and are featured in many high-level projects, such as the GotLight and the Murray Link project.
High voltage cable installation in Germany

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