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High Voltage Offshore DC Cables

Master efficiency at high power levels

Our high voltage direct current (HVDC) offshore cable systems enable efficient long-distance transmission at high power levels, interconnecting regions and countries and electrified oil and gas platforms. This technology also allows a secure and stabilising connection to existing electricity grids. 
cable laying for Dogger Farm project

HVDC XLPE- crosslinked polyethylene

We introduced the world’s first extruded HVDC XLPE cable system in 1998 and since then have installed and commissioned thousands of kilometres. An extruded HVDC cable has a copper or aluminium conductor and utilises a crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation system.
Our XLPE insulation system is specially designed for HVDC transmission and has the electrical properties required to withstand high DC voltages. It is also cost-efficient, effectively manufactured in a cleanroom-classified environment that uses vertical extrusion line technology.

HVDC MI – mass impregnated cables

With excellent reliability and used since 1954 in power transmission projects at the highest DC voltage levels. Today's cables use copper conductors and are rated up to 525 kV. We provided the world´s first MI cable as well as the longest HVDC MI submarine cable system ever built.


525 kV extruded HVDC cable systems

Doubling power transmission over longer distances
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TOV Testing area

Best in class - Johan Sverdrup offshore oil and gas field

Reduction of 620,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year with a climate-efficient oil and gas production. Watch and learn more about the world’s longest extruded power connection from shore to the Johan Sverdrup, one of the five largest oil fields outside Norway

Gotland link

The IEEE award winning, pioneering link

In 1950, the Swedish parliament decided to finance a power transmission link to the island of Gotland. The project for establishing the first submarine HVDC link was commissioned, and the rest is history.
Black and white historical photo of the IEEE link

Dolwin 1 DC link

Dolwin 1 – world’s first 320 kV DC connection

The long-distance, large-scale offshore connection to Dolwin 1 wind farm was the first project ever initiated with a voltage of 320 kV. Our cable system enables transportation of power with minimal losses and minimal environmental impact.
Dolwin 1 offshore windfarm

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