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Offshore Installation

Safe and sustainable in challenging environments

Ranging from complex submarine interconnectors to inland lakes, we operate and provide solutions whatever the requirements. With all the right equipment for reliable and cost-efficient solutions, supported by unrivalled expertise in high voltage AC and DC cable installations.
Shetland installation
World class offshore high voltage cable installation is all about anticipating and eliminating risks, handling the cable in the correct way while keeping health, safety and environment (HSE) on top of the agenda. This is the only way to ensure a sustainable and reliable lifetime of operation for the power link. We have the in-house expertise and experience of both cable and installation to be able to ensure our customers a cable project delivery on-time and on-budget.
Our offshore experience covers all cable technologies, from massive 3-core high voltage AC cables to simultaneously bundled DC cables with fibre optics. The cable is installed with the highest precision on the market by using purpose-built tools, like our cable-laying vessel NKT Victoria.

High Voltage Cable Solutions

NKT Victoria

The NKT Victoria is an advanced, state-of-the-art cable-laying vessel.
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Weisdale Voe
Our typical offshore scope of work for installation includes the following activities.

NKT offshore engineering centre in Rotterdam. 

A highly focused team with one goal – lowering the risk during installation and adding value to the tenders and projects. This is achieved through comprehensive knowledge and close cooperation, both in the team, with other departments and with the customer. We aim to identify potential risks at an early stage in order to engineer out or mitigate risk as far as is practical. Typically, offshore work is 8x more expensive than onshore work so there is a cost saving incentive as well as the resulting QHSE and time saving benefits of early engineering.  

Early installation engineering is one of the most efficient ways to lower risk, with regard to cost, QHSE and time.


Command bridge of NKT Victoria
Layers of high voltage offshore cable
Offshore high voltage cable beeing installed
High voltage offshore cable beeing loaded onboard ship

Success in difficult conditions

Through almost a century of offshore installation experience in all parts of the world, we have learned how to handle all conditions from installation in the busy sea port of New York, the harsh weather conditions in the North Sea off the Norwegian shore to environmentally sensitive areas off the coast of Germany.

High Voltage Offshore Cables

We are world leader's when it comes to high voltage offshore cable systems, and we pioneered the industry's first offshore HVDC link in 1954.

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