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Turnkey Solution

The Turnkey Solution - CIS

HV power cable systems are a vital part of the infrastructure that keeps the world moving and therefore need to be properly handled to ensure safe and continuous operation. CIS means “Cable system, Installation and Service” and it’s our complete power cable system offer.
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CIS includes planning, design, manufacturing, installation, testing and service. Having only one partner throughout the lifetime of the cable system helps minimising risks and life-cycle cost. With over 100 years of experience, we are able to provide turnkey solutions for maximum power transmission sustainability and security.
Our manufacturing expertise promotes installation – and vice versa. Being able to predict installation challenges is crucial when designing and testing cables. Conversely, understanding cable design limitations reduces interface and handling risks during installation.

NKT High voltage cable systems

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Integrated turnkey capabilities (CIS)

Dedicated teams and assets across the value chain have assured solid track record of turnkey projects successfully executed. 

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High voltage cable installation offshore

Top-class quality

High voltage cable system verification ensures top class quality. Every cable is checked rigorously at our testing facilities. We have state-of-the-art laboratories where the mechanical and electrical properties of the cables are verified. In 2016 we inaugurated one of the world’s largest test halls at the cable factory in Karlskrona, Sweden, capable of verifying up to the highest voltage levels on the market.
After installing, the cable systems are subjected to an additional quality assurance stage where various testing procedures are carried out.

High Voltage Cable solutions

Project Optimisation

Mitigate interface risk, gain control and predictability of your costs
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Lifecycle Cable Services

We offer cable services from installation up to decommissioning, coupled with cable monitoring and services for legacy cable systems.


Our extensive installation experience in most areas are well documented, from the Caribbean Sea to the North Sea. Rest assured our expertise will deliver lasting cable systems for the future to come.

High Voltage Onshore Cables

We design, manufacture and install high- and extra high voltage cable systems for power transmission directly from power generation sites to primary distribution networks.

High Voltage Offshore Cables

We are world leader's when it comes to high voltage offshore cable systems, and we pioneered the industry's first offshore HVDC link in 1954.