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Project Optimisation

Lower execution risk and higher certainty

Cable transmission system cost millions. They are large investments and they must work, not only when commissioned but throughout their entire life cycle. It is essential to ensure the reliability of the transmission system and the best way to do that is to utilize the right experience and expertise. 
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Peace of mind - from start to finish

The global community depends on operational power transmissions. A reliable power supply is vital and for many reasons it is not acceptable when a system is down. It does not only cost large amounts in revenue losses, it also influences the trust of the people depending on the power in a very negative way. The fast paced society which we live in, demands efficient solutions and in order to meet the aggressively developing market, transmission systems have to work, all the time and every time. Be prepared, there is time and money to be saved!

Knowing the challenges means ability to plan for the unexpected

Incidents occurring during installation and operation of power cables lead to insurance claims of tens of millions of euro every year. It can also result in difficult and time consuming contractual disputes where responsibilities have to be determined. To mitigate the risks in a cable system project, an in-depth understanding of both cable system and installation characteristics is key.
Being able to recognise potential problematic encounters that might occur during installation or operation already in the design and manufacturing process, ensures compliance with specific installation parameters. Utilizing this insight enables proper handling of the cable throughout the project. Thus a turnkey solution with the right partner will subsequently lower interface risk as well as total cost of ownership.

Secure your long-term success from the very start

With the vision of a European infrastructure based on high-voltage cable systems, leading to a growing transmission system market, the importance of a reliable partner has never been greater. A turnkey solution will improve your control of the full project and turn it into a predictable cost scenario, while also minimizing risk of liability issues.
NKT has pioneered the cable industry for over a hundred years and has extensive experience of turnkey high-voltage cable system solutions. A comprehensive CIS (Cable, Installation and Service) approach enables customized solutions, increasing project flexibility and security.

High Voltage Cable solutions

Turnkey Solution

CIS - our complete power cable system offer.
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High Voltage Offshore Cables

We are world leader's when it comes to high voltage offshore cable systems, and we pioneered the industry's first offshore HVDC link in 1954.

High Voltage Onshore Cables

We design, manufacture and install high- and extra high voltage cable systems for power transmission directly from power generation sites to primary distribution networks.


Our extensive installation experience in most areas are well documented, from the Caribbean Sea to the North Sea. Rest assured our expertise will deliver lasting cable systems for the future to come.

Lifecycle Cable Services

We offer cable services from installation up to decommissioning, coupled with cable monitoring and services for legacy cable systems.