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NKT Eleonora: The new cable laying vessel capable of running on methanol

The new vessel will boost NKT’s offshore cable laying capacity and increase flexibility.

NKT Eleonora
Building upon the strong operational experience and cutting-edge technology featured on NKT Victoria, our new cable laying vessel NKT Eleonora will represent the next generation of cable laying vessels in in terms of both design and capabilities. Notably, it will be one of the world’s first cable laying vessels designed to be able to run on methanol. 
Equipped with three turntables, NKT Eleonora will offer a power cable laying capacity in excess of 23,000 tonnes, and host a large range of subsea tooling for precise installation and service of offshore cables. The vessel will be capable of laying three power cables, so it can fulfil evolving customer requirements, especially on large-scale 525 kV projects where metallic return cables are required.  

Boosting NKT’s high voltage cable complete solution capabilities and capacity 

The high-voltage power cable market has grown significantly in recent years – and the outlook is positive. Driven by the transition to renewable energy and electrification of societies, transmission lines are getting larger, longer, and have an increased focus on lower losses and a reduced carbon footprint. Altogether, these changes are setting new, higher standards for cable production and installation.  
Our manufacturing expertise promotes installation – and vice versa. Being able to predict installation challenges is crucial when designing and testing cables. Conversely, understanding cable design limitations reduces interface and handling risks during installation.  
This is why we are designing our new vessel based on our long history of cable and installation expertise and experience: ensuring a reliable and efficient turnkey solution for our customers. 
NKT Eleonora

Market-leading cable vessel able to run on low-carbon fuel

Darren Fennell, Executive Vice President and Head of HV Solutions Karlskrona in NKT says,

- We are very pleased to welcome NKT Eleonora to our fleet. She is an important strategic asset that enhances our installation capacity and capabilities to ensure efficient project execution and meet the evolving demands of our customers. The decision to build a vessel designed to run on methanol is driven by our strong commitment to sustainability and connecting a greener world through our power cable solutions.  

Watch the video now, for a 360 degree view!

NKT Eleonora

About the name

NKT Eleonora means shining light. The name is a reference to NKT’s central position in bringing power to life through our power cable solutions, and to our company’s bright future ahead, driven by the expected growth journey. 

Facts about NKT Eleonora:

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