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Maximizing the utility, increase the operational performance and monitor the cable's health

Electricity is fundamental in today´s world. Power cables have become indispensable for the security of energy supply. Therefore, maximizing the utility of cable assets is both crucial and challenging. Fluctuating demands in different markets and environments, as well as new and renewable sources for energy supply, show the importance of transmitting power to where it is needed. Cable monitoring supports you in maximizing the throughput of your cables, avoiding failures and reducing outage time, as well as prolonging the lifetime of your cable systems.
NKT has over 130 years of experience in the cable industry. Our strategy is to work closely with several suppliers of sensor systems, e.g. fiber optic sensing systems, but also to develop state of the art monitoring systems ourselves, e.g. curvature monitoring described later.
But, the key benefits of a monitoring system comes when you integrate sensors together with real-life knowledge and experience. You need access to the experts to draw the right conclusions and make the right recommendations. NKT has that set of experts.

Depth of Burial (DoB)

Monitor the depth of burial of your cables on an ongoing basis by analysing cable temperature profiles. Identify areas of cable exposure or free-spans without the need for a complete marine survey. Our technology identifies potential issues early allowing for a quick response which reduces the risk of cable damage.
As opposed to marine surveys, which provide a snapshot of the cable's burial depth, DoB monitoring ensures we can continuously assess this information. This enables targeted marine surveys and remedial work only when needed. Trust us for efficient and reliable cable management solutions.

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