Operation & Maintenance

Solutions for optimal and lasting cable performance - prevention, preparation and mitigation of failures

Trust NKT for expert operation and maintenance services, ensuring the longevity and peak performance of your cable networks.
Our in-house cable technicians and strict spare parts management guarantee seamless operation. With proactive repair preparedness plans and flexible service level agreements, we minimize downtime and optimize overall performance.
Sound experience and expertise are necessary ingredients for high-quality cable maintenance which in turn is increasingly important as assets age.Activities can range from inspections of your spare parts to in-depth inspections, measurements and maintenance works on the concerned assets themselves.
We provide services for paper insulated cable systems requiring frequent maintenance but also for extruded cables where a periodic inspection an expert may suffice. Regardless of insulation technology, an inspection and maintenance plan is the basis of ensuring good performance and longevity of your assets by allowing to take proactive action when needed.

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Service Level Agreements

NKT's Service Level Agreements ensure efficient, secure, and cost-effective onshore maintenance and repair services.