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Count on NKT for prompt and effective cable repair solutions. Our dedicated Service team, backed by decades of experience and expertise, ensures swift interventions to address electrical breakdowns. Whether onshore or offshore, AC or DC, extruded or paper-lapped cables, we specialize in and provide efficient repairs to quickly re-energize your system and ensure reliable flow of electricity.
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Fault Location

When a cable goes down, quickly starting fault location activities and precisely pinpointing the location of the issue is vitial to a good repair. Accuracy in this first step of a repair can reduce downtime and help oritect the remaining cable effectively reducing the amount of spare cable used. Particularly for long submarine cables, a wealth of experience, broad pallet of measurement techniques ranging from electrical and optical tests to a fault-finding ROV are necessarry to quickly and precisely locate the fault.
Our engineers with dedicated fault finding equipment and distinguished by their experience working in tandem with an offshore team operating a fault finding ROV excel at swiftly pinpointing faulty cable sections. To ensure work can start immediately with no time consumed in negotiations, fault location services can be prepared for and response times secured through a Service Level Agreement.

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