Qable Box

The flexible cardboard box with internal free-rolling cable drum keeps cable work easy and cost-effective. Our Qable box is easy to stabilise, helps keeping track of inventory, and provides a good overview during storage and transport.
Operators can more easily manage all the different cables and wires, enabling more effective working days, reducing waste and lowering the costs.
Qable box packaging

Features and advantages

  • Cables wound in parallel making it easy to pull in pipes
  • Metre marking makes measuring a lot easier
  • Helps keep the cables free from scratches, thus reducing waste
  • Always clean and neat which means more time to work
  • Faster jobs + less waste = lower costs
  • Provides excellent storage possibilities
  • Boxes are easy to store, thus providing proper overview
Installer using low voltage cable

Further installer solutions

Make your job smart and easy

Quick Coil

Select Quick Coil for installations that require mobility and simplicity. With the preferred cable, rolled in plastic shrink film, you can easily move between different spaces and tasks.


Qaddy® from NKT is an integrated cable reel, pay-off and drum trolley which significantly improves working conditions for electricians with its revolutionary ergonomic design.

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