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The installers' best friend

Our Qaddy decreases the risk of injury to yourself and others, can be used on multiple surfaces, and can be handled by just one person, which means that it provides major time savings. Qaddy is easy to manoeuvre at the construction site, and can quickly be converted into a trolley by pulling the handle and turning it 90 degrees. It also functions as a pay-off and it is quick and easy to rewind the cable onto the drum.

Holds a Lot - Yet Easy to Move

A Qaddy can accommodate 400 metres of installation cable and can also be loaded with 200 metres of cable in flexible conduits.
With minimal effort, the electrician can roll the drum to the place where the cables are to be installed, then pull out the desired cable length without risking that the drum moves.

Smoother flow and better working environment

In larger construction projects, quantities of cable and flex pipes will be installed over large areas. This places great demands on the fitters' equipment. When Qaddy is used during installation, the workflow becomes faster and smoother. But most importantly, it provides a much better working environment for the installers.
Everyone who has tried our Qaddy knows that it saves backs and shoulders because it does not have to be lifted.

Everything works more smoothly with Qaddy. For us, there is no going back, it’s all about Qaddy now.

— Kenny Glimhed, Project Manager, Emil Lundgren AB

Everyone needs a Qaddy®

All the work in half the time

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Make your job smart and easy

Quick Coil

Select Quick Coil for installations that require mobility and simplicity. With the preferred cable, rolled in plastic shrink film, you can easily move between different spaces and tasks.

Rip Cord

An efficient rip cord is of great help to installers in many situations. We have taken this into account and now integrate rip cords into many of our cable products.

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