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Rip Cord

Strip Cables in No Time – Without Injuries to Hand or Cable

An efficient rip cord is of great help to installers in many situations. We have taken this into account and now integrate rip cords into many of our cable products.
Rip cord

Safer and easier stripping

The rip cord also minimizes hazardous situations when working with cables. Compared to traditional sheathing, using a knife or pliers, the tear wire is very safe and easy to use. From a safety perspective, it is always better to make as little use of the knife as possible when working with cables.

Easy to get hold of the rip cord

It can be this simple to work with cables: The rip cord lies directly under the sheath, where you can easily get hold of it with a small cut. Grasp the rip cord and pull back to open the sheath, or pull the rip cord back with pliers. The cord makes a clean and tidy cut and can also be used as a tool to cut off excess sheath.

Rip Cord in a Growing Range of Cables

The rip cord is available in cables of 1.5 mm² and above and the product range is expanded continuously.
We want a wide range of cables with rip cords because we know that it is a tremendous solution that not only looks good on paper, but also works 100% as intended in daily work.

Cables with integrated rip cord is an incredibly good solution, and I have no doubt that our future cable purchases will include rip cord.

— Bo Christiansen, Director Del-Tech ApS

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