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Quick Coil

Easier Installations with Pre-drawn Cable in Quick Coil

Select Quick Coil for installations that require mobility and simplicity. With the preferred cable, rolled in plastic shrink film, you can easily move between different spaces and tasks.
Quick Coil Packaging

A simpler package

Quick Coil is a packaging type from NKT. A Quick Coil has a 100-metre installation cable, pre-drawn in a flexible conduit of 16 mm high-quality polypropylene. The flexible conduit with cable is rolled and packed in sturdy plastic shrink film.

For neat installations in various environments

Quick Coil is a practical product for the installer who needs a limited amount of cable for fixed installation, both hidden, open or in cast. Because Quick Coil consists of simple plastic packaging, you do not need to take care of empty cardboard boxes when the working day is over.  

Further installer solutions

Make your job smart and easy


Qaddy® from NKT is an integrated cable reel, pay-off and drum trolley which significantly improves working conditions for electricians with its revolutionary ergonomic design.

Qable Box

Our Qable box is easy to stabilise, helps keeping track of inventory, and provides a good overview during storage and transport.