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Universal cables

A solution for all conditions

The Universal Cable System from NKT gives you unlimited possibilities to build a stable network in complicated terrain conditions. EXCEL, FXCEL and AXCES® are self-supporting, insulated cables for 12–36 kV. Have been designed to function in all conditions, be it as overhead lines, in land or in water.
Universal cable hung up as an overhead line

A reliable network ensures healthy finances

An electricity grid is an investment in the long term. All costs must be distributed over the entire period that the plant is expected to be operational. This is usually summarised as Life Cycle Cost, LCC. The LCC includes all investment costs, but also the sum of the operating, maintenance and repair costs. Here lies the strength of the Universal Cable System. It pays off in the long run.

A robust partner

Our Universal Cables have a design that is appreciated by demanding customers. They are so robust that they can be ploughed into the ground, hung up as an overhead line and used as an underwater cable. The cables’ self-supporting construction makes it easy to use them in existing or temporary posts. The universal cables are so strong that they can handle trees that fall and end up hanging on the cable, or heavy ice loads.

Perfectly customised accessories

The universal cables EXCEL, FXCEL and AXCES® are the hub of a comprehensive concept that together contribute to higher reliability and less maintenance needs.
Our Universal Cable System includes suspension clamps, helical dead ends and other accessories, but also instructions, cost estimates, tips and tricks, etc. to make full use of the whole system for the best synergy and simplification.
Cable worker walking along a medium voltage cables laying on the ground waiting to be installed

Cable accessories and utilities solutions

Innovative solutions for your projects

Utilities Solutions

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