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Business code of conduct


The Business Code of Conduct sets out principles that we can live by, and guides us in how we should act in areas such as business integrity, anti-corruption, protecting the environment, ensuring information security, and labour rights.

Our Business Code of Conduct outlines a minimum standard of behaviour and responsibility that everyone at NKT must follow. It features company guidelines that tell workers what to do, and what not to do, in various situations, including how to co-operate with both fellow workers and those outside of the company in a professional, respectful and honest way at all times. All of our employees must follow the Business Code of Conduct.

Vendors and business partners

NKT expects its vendors and business partners acting on behalf of NKT or with whom NKT co-operates (agents, distributors, contractors, consultants, joint venture partners and other business partners) to comply with the NKT Third Party Compliance Policy and the NKT Code of Conduct for Vendors and Business Partners, or to formulate their own Code of Conduct with a similar content which equals or exceeds these standards. NKT is signatory to the UN Global Compact and expects its suppliers to conform to the principles of this initiative.

Business code of conduct

NKT Business Code of Conduct for Vendors and Business Partners

Global Policy on Third Party Compliance

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